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Examples: chr3:107714174..107914173, chr1:55830000..58019999, chr1:64690000..65979999, chr1:229780000..229979999, chr1:229815000..229954000, rs187462, CD47.
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  UCSC RefGenes  
  hapmap LCL cis-eQTL meta-analysis  
  hapmap LCL cis-eQTL meta-analysis Manhattan plo...  
  hapmap LCL trans-eQTL meta-analysis Manhattan p...  
  Zeller Monocyte cis-eQTL  
  Zeller Monocyte cis-eQTL Manhattan plot (-log10...  
  Zeller Monocyte trans-eQTL Manhattan plot (-log...  
  Myers Brain cis-eQTL  
  Myers Brain cis-eQTL Manhattan plot (-log10 q-v...  
  Myers Brain trans-eQTL Manhattan plot (-log10 q...  

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